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Product Review (submitted on June 5, 2016):
Very nicely done VFTS. I ordered a starter plant and it came with 38 total healthy heads. There is clearly more than one rhyzome (bulb/plant) but they look so cool I'm going to keep them together until next year.
I got it in a very timely manner. It arrived looking amazing. It was wrapped extremely well. Perfectly hydrated and healthy... And I live in Arizona and it had a high of 116° F the day I got it (and I got it at 3:30.) There was no visible wilting or dehydration. An extremely healthy plant. A cool looking plant even when young. It also included a little handwritten note thanking me by name which I though was a nice touch.
I have ordered from other sites before and had a terrible experience so I was unsure if I wanted to try ordering online again. But I gave it a shot and wow. I will definitely be ordering from FVTS again. I would definitely recommend this site and plant to anybody who has a hobby for growing Venus flytraps.