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Seed-Grown Venus Flytrap

Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2016):

I had never had any carnivorous plants before, and I decided it would be awesome to try having a Venus fly trap. I really didn't want to order online but no nurseries in my area had any in stock, so I ordered this seed grown, and I couldn't be happier! It arrived in 4 business days all of the way from Oregon to Mid-Michigan, and it came in perfect condition! Part of the plant was green with shorter cilia and part was green and red with long cilia, so I figured that as traps grew bigger they would darken, and I noticed the rhizome seemed to have split. For this reason, I reported and it looks like Matt and Leah sent me two seed grown of different genetics! The quality of service couldn't be beaten at the FlytrapStore and they have gotten me hooked on the hobby of growing venus fly traps- I just ordered a young Akai Ryu and a young Dentate, I can't wait to continue watching my collection grow with the FlytrapStore!