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Product Review (submitted on December 16, 2013):
Now, I was expecting a small and dormant plant; which, had I received that, I would have been ecstatic to say the least because of the opportunity of being able to own one of these beauties, take care of her, and watch her grow over the years. What I was NOT expecting was your generosity! Who has your awesome business practices these days?!? These folks blessed me with 8, yes 8!, of these plants! Granted they are not 2.5" trap and huge, "out of the box," however, this is even BETTER because I am going to have TRAPS COMING OUT OF MY EARS!!!! WOO HOO!!!! (THANK YOU)^INFINITE POWER!!! I AM TOTALLY GOING TO BE DOING AS MUCH BUSINESS THROUGH YOU FOLKS AS I CAN IN THE FUTURE! I am one step closer to my dream of opening a "Lil Shop of Horrors" up here in Seattle. You guys have just redeemed a life long flytrap groupie for your business! I hope that isn't too weird. Tee Hee!