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Product Review (submitted on July 18, 2012):
Okay so I ordered a b-52 venus flytrap and I said to myself ( Okay its just a typical venus flytrap with larger traps big deal hey in fact it probably wont be any larger than my store bought one ), and boy I was wrong. So I bought a one year old venus flytrap and when it got here it amazed me on how big it was... AND IT WAS JUST ONE YEAR OLD THATS RIGHT and what amazed me even more it was bigger than my store bought 3 year old typical and was about the size of my akai ryu venus flytrap and it came with such nice red coloring and some traps were even puple but not as puple as my big mouth but it is still a beutiful plant. And now I know my Mat loves this varity of venus flytrap and I dont blame him. Good job Mat and his crew keep up the good work.