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FTS Maroon Monster

Product Review (submitted on April 24, 2012):

I ordered one of these and as always, it came within a couple of days! Can't ask for better service than you get at FTS, and couldn't ask for better traps-- and it's so cool to me that this is a FTS exclusive! If I ever meet someone in real life as dorky as me about plants, they might not have ever seen one-- instant bragging rights!

As Matt and Steve do sometimes, they were very generous and added in an extra plant for me, which literally made me squeal in delight!! Unfortunately, I messed up and left them in my mailbox for a few hours so they were a little sad when I got them out of the box-- but I think it's a testament to the quality of Matt and Steve's plants that they perked right up once they were watered and potted. Thanks again, guys :)