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Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2011):

Like my B52 plants, this is another favorite, and the traps are almost as large as a B52. I now have 3 of these from FTS and all doing very well.
They are very hardy, take about 3 weeks to acclimate to full sun after potting
(depending on weather Matt and Steve were able to keep them out or not), and
they grow long stems.
Mine have not colored up yet, but they will look great by end of July.

Regarding the service from Matt and Steve, I have purched MANY plants from
them and have never been less then absolutly delighted and often awed at the
outstanding health and quality of their plants.
I have NEVER seen plants like this from any other grower, and I now ONLY
buy my FT's from FTS. (originally posted on 6/15/11)