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FTS Etna

Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2011):

Just got my first one a few days ago, first impressions. The traps are as large
on this young specimen as they are on my oldest B52; measured at 1 1/2''.

The plant has very long and thin secondary leaves which "droop" under the
weight of the masive traps.
So for, it's all green, with no hint of color yet.

It has long, thick cilia (eye lashes like!!) and the trap has an interesting shape
which is different from B52 or Big Mouth.

I am very impressed so far with this clone and hope to add more to my collection very soon.

As always, Matt and Steve provide top tear service and their packaging and
shipping method is the best in the industry.

All my plants from FTS have arived in roomy zip lock bags and wrapped with
wet towels. They also use wet towels to "cushion' the plant.
I think the large roomy bag helps keep the plant "crisp" and firm, as there is
plenty of air in it, and the plant can shift around freely.

Other sellers use a "skin tight" wrapping style, and more often then not, the
plant is received wilted and browning around the edges of the traps.

If you have not ordered a plant from FTS, do yourself a favor, and find out what
you have been missing.