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Long Red Fingers

Long Red Fingers
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i received my venus fly trap with adorable little traps. it had around 11 traps and they were very beautiful. to me. this is the venus fly trap for people who want a really exotic plant ;D
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Review by rhys / (Posted on 7/27/2011)
Awesome! My new Favorite!!!
I just relieved this flytrap in the mail today, as always, it arrive very healthy and beautiful. (I was also pleased to see that a hitchhiker of some sort tagged along as well.)
The teeth on this cultivar are very dramatic- bright pinkish red and very long, several of them are fused together which is very interesting.
The rhizome is huge! In all honesty, before potting I could have divided it out and probably would have ended up with 2-3 VFTs (I did not look close enough to see how many divisions there were but I think there were 3).

Highly recommended- very satisfied!!!
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Review by ColdCoffee / (Posted on 7/14/2011)
Long Red Fingers a very niceVFT
Long Red Fingers is a very nice VFT i suggest you get when in stock, the leaves are extrmely thin, and not white, the are more round, and the traps with the long cilia with yellowish color in the outside as well as in the inside mix with red makes this one of the best VFT's i admire a lot, it looks a lot like Korean Melody Shark, except for the trap shape.

I encourage you to add it to your collection, is a very nice VFT!

I received Long Red Fingers back in march, and is still growing nicely, it has thrown divisions, and is very healthy!

a 100 starts for this plant!

Thanks Matt & Steve!
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Review by jht-union / (Posted on 6/28/2011)

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