B-52 Venus fly trap


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The Fused Tooth Venus Flytrap has marginal spines that are fused together in various and fascinating ways, giving it a very distinctive and otherworldly appearance. It is definitely one of the most unique Venus Flytraps, and can also develop beautiful red coloration on the trap interiors. 'Fused Tooth' is an officially registered Venus Flytrap cultivar. Note: Interestingly, the fusing of the marginal spines of Fused Tooth is variable and seasonal, most fused in Summer and early Fall, least fused during late Fall, Winter and early Spring.
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  1. Massive Fused Tooth
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    I bought a mature Fused Tooth, and instead got a amateur Fused Tooth, the traps massive, and i have never seen such a rhizome that robust and the roots were something out of this world. The fusing althought is not the end of summer yet, where the extreme fusing appears. I can already see some really neat fusing!

    The VFT came from Steve, and really well packed as always, ready to grow!

    Matt & Steve know they have a really happy returning costumer, the quality is great!

    Thanks Matt and Steve! :)


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Items 21 to 21 of 21 total

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