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FTS Crimson Sawtooth

FTS Crimson Sawtooth
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Absolutely stunning
Ive had my fts cs for about a week now, first off let me say I only ordered a starter plant, what they sent me was easily a young adult maybe even a adult plant! The plant has absolutely stunning deep maroon & lime green colors! I dont have any other red fly traps to compare to yet but I cant image too many can compete with this colorful beauty! Also the sawtooth margins alone make it stand out compared to any other flytrap!
And as usual the shipping details to ensue the safety & well being of the plants is still the best Ive ever seen bar none. Not to mention these are the healthiest & well taken care of plants Ive seen as well. Ive already made my next order on a kms, cant wait!
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Review by kmh / (Posted on 5/14/2015)
These are just impressively colorful plants. Nice size traps, and very aggressive growers. With my limited experience, these have been the least affected by re-potting after shipping. Got the "Five small plants" option, and as is typical, got a lot more. Thanks Matt and Leah!!
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Review by Jeffrey / (Posted on 5/1/2014)
The name of this plant says it all.
I got this on a whim and I am not disappointed. A good grower with great color and sawtooth margins. Anyone who likes red VFTs and is interested in the sawtooth variety should not pass this up.
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Review by Jeremy (parker679) / (Posted on 7/1/2013)
Gorgeous plant!
I love red Venus Flytraps, and this one is stunning. I couldn't have asked for a handsomer one. Of all the nurseries I've bought from, the FTS sells the healthiest carnivorous plants I've ever seen. My only complaint is, I don't have enough room for all the FTS bug munchers I want to adopt.
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Review by Bill / (Posted on 6/18/2013)
Beautiful Teeth! ROBUST COLOR!
No other flytrap that i own is close to having beautiful teeth like this one. PERFECT SHIPPING PROCESS AS ALWAYS. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY FLYTRAP COLLECTOR. HANDS DOWN, thank you flytrap store! A+
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Review by Julio Francisco / (Posted on 5/14/2013)
Beautiful Plant.
Absolutely great plant. Was shipped within a day and arrived only two days later. Great service here at FTS. The plant arrived in great condition, already sprouting new traps to go along with the 1.5'' traps already up. Highly recommend the Crimson Sawtooth, it's beautiful.
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Review by Justin / (Posted on 4/22/2013)
I just got my Fts crimson sawtooth today and it arrived in perfect condition and is a beautiful plant.
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Review by Anne / (Posted on 3/28/2013)
Healthy plant
The best plant I have ever bought, pretty colors
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Review by The plant man / (Posted on 3/15/2013)
First or all, i would like to say that I am EXTREMELY satisfied and impressed with FTS's service and products. Thank you! These traps came from the west to east coast in 3 days, and were packaged with extreme care. Not a single plat was even slightly damaged. Plus, i ordered 5 plants, and 7 were shipped! Even being young and just out of dormancy, these little guys already show beautiful red colors. A must have flytrap! Thanks to The Fly Trap Store's great staff for your wonderful product!
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Review by Sam / (Posted on 3/4/2013)
Another good red VFT to add to your collection
I was looking for another red Venus Flytrap cultivar and I decided on this one - it's similar to the Red Piranha, but the cilia (teeth) are more saw-like and irregular. Like the Red Piranha, I've only had mine for a bit over a year and it's already produced some small plantlets growing off the rhizome. As far as I can tell, this cultivar is similar to the Bohemian Garnet, but the FTS Crimson Sawtooth grows a bit larger.
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Review by Walter / (Posted on 5/12/2012)

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