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FTS Crimson Sawtooth

FTS Crimson Sawtooth
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Power Roots!
The plant was a well established "young" plant. And honestly a very big young plant compared to other Venus Flytraps I've purchased out there. What amazed me was that the plant was shipped bare root and within a week it was already showing new growth! The roots were about twice the length of a plant this size. To anyone looking to purchase Carnivorous Plants look no further than Matt and Steve of the FlytrapStore! Quality plants with quick and safely packed delivery. Best online CP purchase i've made. (originally posted on 6/8/10)
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Review by Aaron / (Posted on 6/28/2011)
Wonderfully Stunned
The package was delivered two days after placing my order. I must say that in 30 years of growing VFT’s I have not witnessed this level of product pride. For example, the high level of detail given to the packaging of the plants was stunning. The plants arrived without a sign of stress or damage. In fact all traps were ready for action. I am looking forward to the spring and summer growing seasons to see the evolution of the trap and color. These little ones are truly ruby gems. Congratulations to FTS for a job well done. (originally posted on 2/12/10)
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Review by Curtis / (Posted on 6/28/2011)

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