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Flytrap Store Growing Medium - Venus fly trap soil

Flytrap Store Growing Medium - Venus fly trap soil
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Definitely worth it!
We had no previous experience growing VFT's when we bought some sad and pathetic specimens from our local hadware store for $1 each figuring we had nothing to lose (except $2). We've had them in this soil for almost four years and they are still thriving!
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Review by L. from NC / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
Happy Camper With FlyTrapStore.Com
Looking through my LX-200 8" SCT on a clear nite, I see 5 stars.
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Review by Rob / (Posted on 6/16/2017)
worth it
Ordered this on a mon and got it by thur! Much sooner than expected. It is exactly as described, and more than enough for the beginner hobbyest (like me) who only wants a trap or two but always seems to find a sad and lonely trap at the hardware store and wants to give it a good home (like me). I couldn't find the right ingredients locally and ordering each online would have cost triple for an obscene amount that I would never be able to use up. I am confident that I bought high quality soil that my traps will thrive in, from people who are clearly passionate about what they do.
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Review by karen / (Posted on 5/11/2017)
That this soil is better the. The one I made
I love it it better then the soil I made I used miricle grow for my first soil so I bought this thank you
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Review by Alex / (Posted on 12/30/2016)
Would highly recommend.
I can't say how well this stuff works for a VFT, but I will tell you that my Cephalotus loves it. I wish I could post pictures of then and now but when I tell people my Cephalotus is only about 18 months old they insist it has to be a 3-4 year old plant. Great product.
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Review by Marc / (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Best deal
I was one of those penny pinchers that attempted to shop around and make my own mixture. Major fail. These ingredients were hard to find and came in very large bags. I should have just saved myself the trouble from the start. My VFT are doing great in the soil mixture I got here and it came with so much more than I imagined. My collection will be able to expand without having to worry about buying any more soil for awhile. For anyone with doubt, trust me, this is the best way to go.
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Review by Jamie / (Posted on 2/4/2015)
Great Mix
I just bought another large bag of the Flytrap Store Mix for any future carnivore plants. My other plants are doing GREAT with the first order of this mix and the New Zealand moss. I figure that I've saved money by buying from Flytrap Store, not counting the time that I have saved from not driving all over town for the mixture. Thus Flytrap Store = Great Products and SAVING MONEY.
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Review by Ramon / (Posted on 10/29/2014)
Great Stuff
This mix added with the New Zealand moss has really added life to my carnivore plants. The price is less than the price of fuel for me to travel all over town trying to find the materials to make the same mix. The delivery was real fast......only took 3 days, and it was a lot more than I needed since I bought the larger size...... could not pass up the great deal. I now have extra for future use. This is a MUST if you care for your plants.
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Review by Carla / (Posted on 10/9/2014)
Very well mixed
Ordered this mix as I do not have in my area. It came very well and balanced mixed. Overall very happy with it, the sand in the mix looks llike the right size for the plants I want to pot. i just rinsed once in boiling distill water just to be sure.

Thank you FTS
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Review by Tish / (Posted on 7/13/2014)
Top notch stuff, received my large bag today and transplanted my cephalotus. Way better than any store bought stuff I've tried and I even got a hand written note. Thanks guys. You will be taking more of my money soon!
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Review by Ian M / (Posted on 6/16/2014)

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