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ALL the tiny pitchers arrived green and well packaged. Survived a four hour wait in my mailbox in Texas with an ambient air temp of 93. Great care was taken and pitchers are still alive days later, very pleased. Will be ordering MUCH more from you guys, awesome company!
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Review by Ian / (Posted on 6/6/2014)
Great Plant!!
I received this two days after it was shipped and it was in great condition!
It's a hefty clump of pitchers with THREE growth points! I am definitely going to purchase here again!!
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Review by SinJin / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
Great service and awesome timing.
I love it!
This is the first Ceph that I have ordered. It got here quickly and in excellent condition. Tons of little pitchers and all look healthy. Very happy with my order, as always. This company will most definitely have me as a customer for a long time in the foreseeable future.
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Review by Aaron / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
Excellent Plant!!!
This plant is beautiful! It was shipped amazingly and got here in 3 days!!! I cannot thank flytrap store for shipping this delicate little plant so well. When I received my ceph. it was a little 2 inch mound of little pitchers and non carnivorous leaves, I cant wait to see it grow! Thankyou so much! ~ Noah
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Review by Noah / (Posted on 8/17/2013)
I got this Cephalotus for my birthday in July this year.
It arrived as a 2" mound of little plantlets filling the center of the pot.
All the pitchers were immature.
By now, the ENTIRE surface of the pot is covered by the plants in the pot and they all have little mature pitchers around 1.5 cm long!
I cannot believe how fast this has grown!
I've taken 5 leaf pullings by now and one has started to grow!
I highly recommend this plant to ANYONE who wants one!

Great job Matt!!
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Review by Alexander (aka bananaman) / (Posted on 11/20/2012)
i ordered a yound adult ceph from the fts. oh my gosh! it looks great! i couldnt be more please with my ceph. i am getting to be somewhat of a ceph enthusiast and this plant is great. thanks again FTS!!!
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Review by hardrockercp / (Posted on 6/21/2012)
Excellent beatiful cephs
I received 2 seperate orders of cephs and they are perfect. Fast shipping even though my post office is weak. Really worth it and I won't order from anyone else. Im addicted to my monster plants now!
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Review by Laurie T / (Posted on 3/16/2012)
Beautiful Plants
This was my first order from FlytrapStore. My Cephalotus arrived 24 hours after the Postal Service had the package listed as "Out for Delivery" so I was concerned to say the least. The plants were packed so well they still looked like they were in good shape, time will tell if the extra day will be detrimental. Regardless the outcome, beautiful plant with nice pitchers that look ready to feed. Great communication, including a personal handwritten note (Nice touch). I will be ordering again soon! Thank you!
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Review by Greg / (Posted on 1/24/2012)
Very Pleased
This was my first order form the flytrap store. My order was shipped the same day I ordered it and received it within two days. It was pack so nicely, that I don't think it moved once. The plant looked healthy and was exactly as described if not better. I highly recommend buying from here. I'm looking forward to my next purchase. Thank you! (Originally posted November 3, 2011.)
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Review by Jason / (Posted on 1/5/2012)
I ordered a young Ceph on Saturday, and Matt kindly e-mailed me to inform me that it would be shipping that same day. It arrived on Monday, 2 days later, which was amazingly fast. The plant was exceptionally packed and seemed as if it came straight from a nursery. It has 12+ little pitchers and is doing great. You can't beat the price, service, and quality from Matt and Steve! Thank you both.

* A note for people ordering a Ceph (Matt can correct me if I'm wrong) -- I believe he grows the Cephs in a terrarium under lights. Because of this, I'd suggest slowly acclimating young Cephs if you plan to put them outside. It may do fine without it - I threw a mature one outside as a test and it wasn't phased, but I think it's better safe than sorry (at least with young ones).

(Note added by Steve-- Although Matt sometimes grows some Cephalotus in a terrarium, the prepotted Cephalotus we sell have been acclimated to greenhouse conditions with light and temperature variations that are somewhat more gentle than outdoor conditions. It's important not to overwater Cephalotus. It's safer to keep them on the drier side with the medium moist but not too wet all the time. The pitchers will close when conditions become too dry, which is an indication that the Cephalotus wants and needs watering, which should be thorough but not too frequent. Cephs do better when protected from midsummer sun on very hot days.)
(Originally posted October 25, 2011.)
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Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 1/5/2012)

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