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TetraSan Miticide

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TetraSan Miticide

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Enough TetraSan to make 5 gallons of spray. The suggested dosage is 3.5 grams per gallon of water. This product will contain five individual packets, each containing enough Tetrasan to make one gallon of spray.

TetraSan, manufactured by the Valent U.S.A. Coroporation, contains the active ingredient etoxazole, and is a growth regulator for mites, disrupting the molting process. It is active on eggs, larvae, and nymphal stages of mites, but has minimal activity on adults. However, adult female mites that are treated will not produce viable eggs.


TetraSan has both contact and translaminar activity, providing up to 28 days of control from a single application. The mode of action of TetraSan is as a chitin synthesis inhibitor. Chitin is the essential component of a mite's exoskeleton. TetraSan causes chitin to become brittle and thin and, as a result, mites die when attempting to molt from one life stage to the next. Be sure to read the TetraSan label for usage directions and safety warnings.