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Phytosanitary Certificate

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Phytosanitary Certificate

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REQUIRED — A phytosanitary certificate is required by law for every international order that includes plants, and serves as proof of inspection by government agents against disease pathogens and insect pests.

Customers who purchase plants must also purchase a phytosanitary certificate.


Any order for plants shipped to countries outside the United States, whether in sterile culture containers or not, must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate to comply with the laws of both the country of origin (the United States) and the country into which the plants will be imported. A phytosanitary certificate must be included in each shipment, to prove that the plants and materials have been inspected by a registered agent of the government and certified to be free of diseases and insect pests. A phytosanitary certificate is mandatory and any orders that include plants, but which do not include a phytosanitary certificate, will be rejected and canceled. Customers who order plants must also purchase a phytosanitary certificate.