Rehder Giant #1 Venus Fly Trap

Rehder Giant #1

African Werewolf Venus flytrap

African Werewolf

FTS Incredible Red Hulk

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FTS Incredible Red Hulk is a giant all-red Venus flytrap with a wide green stripe along the edge of its sawtoothed traps. As the traps age, this green line gets narrower as the red color creeps outward. FTS Incredible Red Hulk can get very large traps (over 1.5 inches) and extremely long petioles -- on the order of 8+ inches! It is also very vigorous for a red-leafed flytrap and can retain large traps even into dormancy. Truly an amazing plant!
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NOTE: The plants we're offering right now are fully hardened but might be slightly smaller than our normal "starter" sized plants. Demand is super high for this plant so we're trying to offer it as soon as possible. FTS Incredible Red Hulk is our newest release (summer 2022). We've had this one in the works now for a few years and have sent it to a few growers for evaluation. All feedback came back extremely positive so we're going ahead with releasing FTS Incredible Red Hulk as our most recent FTS Venus flytrap cultivar! We hope you all enjoy growing it as much as we and the evaluation team has!!
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