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Drosera regia

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Drosera regia

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Drosera regia is a regal, rare, and striking sundew. D. regia is a truly impressive and very uncommon carnivorous plant, with gorgeous dew-dropped leaves that can grow up to 2 feet long, making it the largest sundew in the world!

Plants for sale are small to medium sized plants with leaves normally around 3 or 4 inches in length.


The Drosera regia "King Sundew" Carnivorous Plant is named as "regia" (regal) because of its striking ability to grow leaves up to ***2 feet*** ( !!! ) long, and for its ancient and rare lineage. The King Sundew is the most rare sundew, so rare that it is threatened with extinction in its native habitat. It is one of the most ancient sundews, and has only ever been found within a single South African valley area, unless it is produced in cultivation. In addition to its regal size, the "King" boasts myriads of miniature red-stalked dew drops that beautifully adorn the long leaves and catch the light, catching prey for the King's leaves to actively curl around.