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Looking for some Beautiful Venus Flytraps, and on a budget?

Here are some of our best Venus Flytraps, that also happen to be wallet-friendly. Enjoy!

Seed-Grown Venus Flytrap
1955 Bob Ziemer
Fused Tooth
B52 x BCP Giant
Green Wizard
Venus Flytrap "Typical"
WIP Slim Snapper
Carolina Red Traps
Pot of Baby Flytraps

We would recommend choosing a pre-potted option to start, so you know you have mineral-free growing medium, and that it has been well-potted. We pot with fresh growing medium, so it will be about 9 months before you'll want to re-pot.

E-mail us at sales@flytrapcare.com anytime with questions, and check out our care site, FlytrapCare.com, for lots of information. Or join the FlytrapCare Forum and chat with fellow growers who would be happy to answer questions and share advice.

Great growing!

Leah & Matt