B52 x BCP Giant Venus fly trap

B52 x BCP Giant

BCP Titan Venus flytrap

BCP Titan - BCP Z06

BCP Kim Jong-Il

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A creepy little dictator of a plant, BCP Kim Jong-Il is, in our opinion, the best clone in the dictator series offered by Best Carnivorous Plants (BCP). Also known as BCP 1343-02, BCP Kim Jong-Il is a very, very small Venus flytrap variety -- overall maximum size is about 2 inches in diameter -- with unusual trap shape and gnarly little jagged teeth along the edge of its small traps.

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The traps of BCP Kim Jong-Il are disproportionately large compared to the leaves for a Venus flytrap. The maximum trap size is around an inch or less. This plant is somewhat unusual compared to other Venus flytraps we grow in that it doesn't shed many leaves over the winter months in our Oregon climate. It will often retain its largest summer traps all the way through winter until it breaks dormancy in the spring.
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