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Wooly Sundew Dormancy

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:13 am
by Chloroplast92
Hey everyone,

I am lucky to have received my first wooly sundew recently (Drosera derbyensis) and the little guy has been doing great so far in my ultra lowlander terrarium with my pitcher plants. Dormancy for it and the many accounts of it along with others in the complex family never waking up have been worrying me lately. My question is, do these guys need a dormancy, if they do then what part of the year, or is it something that is just triggered from letting them dry out or something like that? Its conditions will pretty much be the same year round in the tank give or take depending on room temp and amount of condensation in tank (85-95% humidity day, 75% humidity night, 82-85F day, 74F night).

Thanks You,