Winter: Should I bring my Nepenthes in?

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Winter: Should I bring my Nepenthes in?

by cylpol » Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:56 am

Hi guys, this is my first winter with my nepenthes. I read about some of the previous posts but I wanted to give my specific temperatures. I wanted some general advice whether to bring my plants in but i'll include the specific plant I grow just in case. I have a ventrata, aristolochioides x thorelii, (spathulata x spectabilis) x ventricosa, and nepenthes vogelii outside. My night temperatures go to 40f but not below that with no freeze and during the day it gets around max 60f. It can rain about 3-4 itimes a week and is like this for two months. I have a small window with not much room in the kitchen and it does not get too much direct light as there is a large awning above it. When I grew them previously in the window they did not pitche runtil they went outside I was wondering if it is ok to leave those plants out, or would it be a good idea to bring in some like the vogelii or any others. Any advice from people who have grown these is great, thank you for any help.

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