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By sipecsus
ive always had dreams of growing a venus fly trap so big that it could eat humans! lol but these plants are truely magnificent and they also take care of those pest in your garden. :shock:
By lemonlily
Thank you for all the answers everyone!
By devon
It's fun to watch them capture their prey, I also like them because the are really attractive and colorful.
By marvic
I want at least another plant but my mom said school is important... I know that!!! I like them because they eat (basically.) I really wonder how many plants I have. I want more!

Hi lily, was reading your post and thinking how swt u r :) but your mum is soooo right. School is very imp you will realize that when you grow older belive me :!: I'm still studying myself. But even though school has such a huge importance, a hobby (like caring for VFTs) is a healthy and important aspect in a person's life, to balance wants and needs is the secreat...tell that to your mum ;)
By Oblivion
pretty much like linton and matt's response.

the most fascinating CP's to me are the ones that can actually "feel" and sense where the bug is.

vft's can feel the trigger hairs gets touched, and react quickly.
but not just that, it can actually digest it slowly too.

capensis + similar drosera's can curl a leaf slowly around a bug, eventually wrapping it up tight.
ive had em' catch a fly, 24hrs later its curled up tight around the fly but the fly is still alive :)
ive had a single capensis leaf get 2x small mosquito's land at different points along its dew, and that one single leaf managed to bend in two entirely different locations and wrap each bug individually.

my sarra's seem to overflow with trapped flies in summer, the exotic beauty of some nep' pitchers.
By HarrisAz
bcoz it opens and closes by itself.
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By IrishDragon
I like Dionaea because of how individualistic each trap is. In color, in size, in height, and in length. I also enjoy the challenge of trying to keep such an interesting plant alive in the coastal mid-section of Finland, a country where 5 months is extremely sunny and warm, and 7 months are dark and extremely cold.

I often find myself out walking through nature, swatting bugs, wishing that all the plants around me were carnivorous, but that is just what makes the Dionaea and it's other carnivorous cousins unique.

Also, I hate bugs, so feeding my fly traps is beneficial to them, and enjoyable to me. 8-)
By Grey
Because even though a bright colour would indicate danger, the flytrap lures it's prey into a false sense of security by seducing it with nectar.

I also love the sheer diversity of them. I literally just got home from the local homeware store (which also deals in plants) and purchased the most incredible looking Dionaea! It's apparently a typical VFT, but it's traps are so red -- and it has long lustrous crimson teeth. I find all of them absolutely stunning and it goes to show how clever mother nature is!
By masmith
Much easier than a dog plus most people have never seen one in person so it gives them something the check out when they come to my desk. And of course it eats things.
By marianne
i think anyone who just thinks the plant is cool, shouldn't have any dionaea, because just like music you should have a passion for them not just because you think its cool.
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