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By Astral_Revenant
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Joined:  Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:16 pm
I bought a large container of natural sphagnum peat moss from home depot, not too long ago. I know they sell other stuff, that works well for cps. I won't limit myself to the above place. ;) Does anyone know any other good places for other soil types, pots, tools, etc? :) I'm tempted to buy lava rock, sand & a few other things from HD, but I feel there might be better options out there. That is all, thanks for reading, have a wonderful day, all! 8-)
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By nimbulan
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I bought my current bags of peat and perlite at Home Depot, sand at a pool supply store (pool filter sand,) pumice and lava rock at a landscaping supply company, and pots from a local nursery chain (they sell very cheap round pots made by a local plastics company.) Recently I was told about a nursery supply company that sells better quality peat so I'll likely get my peat and perlite there in the future.
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