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By vaibhav
Posts:  184
Joined:  Thu May 20, 2010 8:32 am
I am from India and new to growing sundew, before this i have never grown any carnivorus plant before. now i am interested
in growing sundew. I was thinking of buying a sundew from some local store but not even a single carnivorus plants are available here.
people here in plant nurseries os store have not even heard of the names of these plants. So now i am going to buy seeds online.
i am having an option of buying 100 seeds of these sundew plants: Drosera capensis, Cape Sundew, or octopus Plant. I dont know
if all these are the name of same species or different. I would like to take advice if these are different species which one should I buy,
as in region where i live outside temperature range from 35 degree celsius to 43 degree celsius with with lil humidity from april to august where as winter is something like 8 degrees to 16 degrees celsius from november to february. Though i can grow the plant inside with the help of flurosent light I would like to know which one would be best to buy for such conditions.
By vaibhav
Posts:  184
Joined:  Thu May 20, 2010 8:32 am
thanks alot to everyone for replying to my query. I am going to buy seeds soon and as you people told me i will buy cape sundews.
I live in New Delhi (North-India). I tried really hard to get carnivorous seeds and plants here at my place from local stores or
nurseries but couldnt find any of them. Then i tried searching for some perlite so that when i buy seeds from internet
i can mix peat moss and perlite to grow seeds in it, but surprisingly i couldnt find perlite too. Here some of the local stores advised me to
buy soilite instead of perlite since perlite isnt available. soilite is mixture of perlite, irish peat moss, and one more thing which gives nutrients to plant
which i am not sure about what is the name of the substance mixed in it.

I am buying it from, seeds will be delivered in a small air sealed container from USA which will take approx 7-14 days to arrive at my place. I wanted to get already grown plants but looks like there is no one who can send it to my place. Last time i ordered 10 venus fly trap seeds from Poland
and when i got it after 14 days most of the seeds were crushed and only 2 were solid. i sowed the seeds 2 weeks ago in pure peat moss wihtout mixing any thing in it but nothing has happened yet. since I was not successful in growing seeds earlier (i think i must have done something wrong) thats why i said earlier that i have never grown carnivorous plants.

I am really excited to think about having sundew and venus fly trap but also getting lots of dissatisfaction due to not having enough resources to
get the plants or to grow it.

thank you every one once again
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