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By Dionea demon
Hi I've got a 18 inch long, 18 inch deep and 12 inch high terrarium and wondering what plants to place in it :) It's basically a cube. The light is gonna be a t5 ho fluorescent with a reflector (55 watt). I don't think I can put any nepenthes inside because it's too small. The plants will be in separate pots with water trays.
By SEWinans
Wow SEWinans I just got a Heliamphora minor from fts about 2 weeks ago or so how old is yours. And dionea demon I say a ceph thay will fit that terrarium great

I think I bought it in December of 2013 but I am not sure.
December 2013
December 2013
20130215_092225-1.jpg (55.78 KiB) Viewed 1755 times
By earlgrey
What conditions are you able to provide?

I have a tiny terrarium too. My vote is Heliamphora minor. :-)

Hey, your terrarium looks great! Would it be possible to see your entire set up please?
By Grey
There are some Utricularia that are considered good terrarium plants; U. calycifida is one of those. I've grown it in a glass cube and it did really well - filled up most of the sides with foliage, actually. The downside is you can't see a utric's traps very easily as they are underground, but they are like carnivorous meadow grasses. Usually grown for their flowers. This particular species has fascinating leaves though, green with purple veins and a general purple tinge.

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