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By Ericrud
Hi everybody, My VFT has been growing greatly. The new traps are being spit out like crazy and really big, But the one thing I don't see are any flower stalks, I really want a flower stalk to grow so I can cut it off and grow more flytraps from it..

I can attach a photo of the Flytrap when I get home, But I really want to see some stalks :c.
By Leo756
I really want to see some stalks

I just wanted to point out that letting your VFT bloom can set it back for a while since it's putting its energy reserves into flowers and seeds instead of new growth. About half of mine bloomed this spring, but I cut all the stalks off when they were only a couple inches tall so I could try some propagation by flower stalk cuttings. Even just that much seems to have set them back. Most of my others are sending up new traps now, but the ones where a flower stalk has been cut off are still just sitting there and not sending up any new growth yet. I've also read that letting them bloom will result in smaller traps over the rest of the season than you'd get if you remove the flower stalks.
Among 4 of my VFT's that flowered, only one seems to have been set back and produce smaller traps while it is also the only one which produced an offshoot. Conditions and genes are two important factors I have observed.
By Leo756
the only one which produced an offshoot

Lucky you! Most of mine seem to be multiplying like crazy, but all the divisions are just teeny tiny little baby plants that will probably take *years* to really do much of anything. When I transplanted everything this spring, I kept all of the tiny offshoots I found and planted them about an inch apart, several in each pot. But now I'm wondering if I should have just tossed them out instead since I don't really have any more room to separate them and grow them on if they start getting bigger since I don't have room to build a greenhouse anywhere. :(

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