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Discuss any carnivorous plant that doesn't fit in the above categories here or general chat about carnivorous plants

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I see why your name is cephalotus phyco :D

Cephalotus is a beautiful plant. I love the vibrant colors, the translucent light windows, the hooked peristome, and pretty much everything else about it :)
I do like capensis a lot, but only the six i have. I spent almost 2 months nursing them back to health after they (and my scarlet bells in same pot) were rescued from a small garden store that was killing the few random cp's they had from improper care. But they are not my favorite (still close though).
Orchid and flowers. So happy.

love the Psychopsis!

New Purps came today.

They are so purple. I love their colors. Sent fro[…]

got the seeds in the mail yesterday thanks Mike

Flower stalks

So I can make a clone using the stalk, do I need r[…]

You are very welcome! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] […]

I checked the SASEs that have arrived and I haven'[…]

On average, Nepenthes grows at a rate where they s[…]

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