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By Ani
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Joined:  Thu May 12, 2022 8:43 pm
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on watering my VFT that's in sphagnum. I have been using the water tray method the past week. It's just a 3 inch pot and I sit it in a tray with maybe 1/2 an inch or a bit less of water, wait for all the water to be absorbed, and then refill. This ends up being once a day because the water seems to get absorbed pretty fast.

Is this too much?

I do try and test the feel of the moss with my finger to make sure it is damp/wet and not completely water logged, but I was wondering if I should wait for it to dry a little more in between before I re-add the water to the tray?

I have noticed more algae/green bits appear on the top since I got the plant. Is this due to over watering?

Any advice would be appreciated! Many thanks!
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By optique
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No treys in LFSM just pour water in the top and let it run out the bottom. Touch the moss every day when it feels crusty water it. A lot of factors in how often you will need to water humidity, temperature amount of moss and also how much the plant uses.

This winter i identified my N. Ventricosa as the plant that needed the most water and used it to determine when i need to water all of them.
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Mine are sitting in water almost at all times. I try to keep the water level a few inches below the rhizome. However, I have transitioned most of my plants to 5+ in. Deep pots.
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