WellSpring From E-bay Review

Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.
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WellSpring From E-bay Review

by Dubstep13 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:06 am

Never order from there! :x unless you want seedlings or super small plants! his product pics look fully grown and im sure you wouldnt even expect the plant in the pic to be delivered (as always) but i was amazed at how tiny they are.... some where in the "fine print" it says all plants are sent up to 8in to yada yada ya for shipping purposes but damn my plants came in a 2in pot with the plants being 2 inches tall!!! the S.tarnok looked like skinny tall grass at 6in i wish i had pics but i potted them a few days ago ill snap em for anyone who wants to see the plants are still small....
i got
S.judith Hindle
S. scarlet bell x2 (they looked the best but super small)
P. monteczume
all for $27 (incl shipping)
Grow/Want list.
San Clemente,CA

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Re: WellSpring From E-bay Review

by Dionae » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:04 am

Sorry to hear that Dub. I've bought a few starter plants from them and was always happy. Did you contact them? They have good customer service ime.

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