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By twitcher
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Tried to find out if warm temperate pings can be propagated from leaf pulls, but could not find that specific information. It is well known that P. primulaflora will propagate from the leaf tips spontaneously at the end of the growing season. This also applies to leaf pulls from primulaflora in that a pull will produce a new plant from the leaf tip reliably.

As an experiment, I tried a single leaf pull from P. ionantha. The leaf did successfully produce a single plantlet strike from the leaf, although the leaf was nearly completely gone before the sprout emerged. The pull was on damp lfsm. I will try another pull in a couple of months to see how commonly this occurs.

I am asking if others have had success propagating the warm temperates from leaf pulls. If so, please post in this thread the varieties that have been successfully reproduced using leaf pulls. Information about varieties that cannot be done this way is also valuable.

I have P. pumila, P. lusitanica and P. planifolia that I will try and post results, as opportunity permits. (Lustinanica easily self seeds so this is mostly just for information)

I hope to compile a table of which varieties can reproduce from pulls to eventually share.

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By jeff
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have you a picture to this leaf pull on P.ionantha ?

I think for P.planifolia may be is possible like P.ionantha (for my part I have never successful to do it on these 2 species,ditto on P.lutea and P.ionantha )

for P.pumila and P. lusitanica these 2 are considered like annual,rather than a leaf cuttings, which seems to me to doom to failure, use the seeds that are often abundant.

but an essay is better than words ;)
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