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By bannister
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I have limited space for carnivorous plants, but for those who are interested, this is my list. I kind of like my plants bloody, red, and dangerous looking. I also have regular house plants, but I'm definitely not listing those as there are too many.
Pink is quantity for trade/sell. Green is something I want to buy/trade.

Darlingtonia californica (eBay)
  • D. californica "Typical"
Dionaea muscipula
  • D. muscipula 'B52' (FTR)
    D. muscipula "FTS Maroon Monster" adult division for $18/trade (FTR)
    D. muscipula "FTS Purple Ambush" (FTS)
    D. muscipula "G14/Dirk Ventham's Giant" (FTR)
    D. muscipula 'Jaws' adult division for $16/trade (FTR/FTS)
    D. muscipula "Seed-grown" adult division for trade/ or $10 (FTS)
    Wanted: Long Red Fingers, Paradisia
  • D. capensis "All Red" (MC)
    D. capensis "Narrow Leaf" (CC)
    D. intermedia R.I.P. (Died, no idea why)(CC)
    D. regia "King Sundew" (FTS forum member 'charlie')
  • H. heterodoxa x minor "Cherry Top" (eBay)
  • P. esseriana R.I.P. (Died, mostly likely from over-watering in dormant phase)(CC)
    P. laueana (FTS forum member 'charlie')
    P. moranensis "D" (CC)
    P. 'Pirouette' (FTS forum member 'charlie')
    P. 'Sethos' (Terra forum member 'Victoria')
    P. 'Titan' (CC)
    P. unknown until it flowers (x3) (MC)
    Wanted: esseriana, 'Florian', jaumavensis, 'Seductora', pretty much anything that is pink and 2 inches wide
  • S. Minor (eBay)
Sphagnum Moss
  • Green (3 types)

My pot of choice:
I place a cord that goes down into the saucer that serves as a wick; the plants drink up any extra water that builds up.

FTR: flytrap
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By jamitallin81
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Hey new here and semi new to carnies.i jumped in whole hearted.i also breed rare species of praying mantis (StrangeVisitors praying mantis dist. L.A.) facebook. Anyway
I have some very large and very full sphagnum i am looking for some colored stuff or some flytraps. I like low large cluster types. But any way here is an image if your or anyone is interested.
received_1570518162972446.jpeg (61.96 KiB) Viewed 1193 times
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