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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By Joshuamarshall792
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Joined:  Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:55 pm
I think we have a 315 mg/L idk if this is the same as ppm but we also have a water softener and a fridge with a filter, plus a RO system which most of the water is being used on our giant ice maker please help! I am 16 almost 17 and I can't just buy distilled water non-stop I need some help

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By uxleumas
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1mg/l = 1ppm, so you can't water it with tap water. you can actually make your own distilled water but those are like 200$ and barely make 1 gallon of water, and you need to let the water cool down. so distillers are generaly not worth it unless you actually distill something other than water. you could buy a reverse osmosis unit but i think you have to do complicated stuff. if it rains a lot just collect rain water with a large funnel. that's basicly free and doesn't take up much time.
edit: didn't see that you alredy have a RO system. water softeners just replace "hard" minerals like calcium and magnesium and stuff with sodium and other "soft" minerals. they won't do anything to help the ppm, or at least not by a lot.
By Do_Gon
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You can IF your tap water has a low ppm. Get yourself a TDS meter from Amazon for around $10 and check what's coming out your tap. Otherwise, don't water with home water unless you're willing to rush your plant. You can get a gallon of distilled water for $1 at Walmart and use that if money's tight right now. It's what I did til I got my RO Buddie. Now I filter my own water.
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By optique
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I would find the website of your water company look for monthly or yearly reports of water quality. When i did that myself i was able to go back 17 years worth of reports. I got the $10 TDS meter too.

My tap water is very safe 22ppm, if not i don't think i would have so many CP's
By Apollyon
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Well you can fill a 5 gallon jug with RO Water from the grocery store dispenser. Then it's more like 1.50 for 5 gallons instead of a dollar a gallon. I don't know how many plants you have but 5 gallons should last a bit. If you can invest in a "portable" RO system theyre on amazon for like 140 dollars that you can connect to the faucet and take it off when you don't need it. That's better for travelling or in cases like yours.
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By Joshuamarshall792
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Adriana wrote:Can you buy a ZeroWater system? They have coupons on their site. It's what I use for mine :-)

Otherwise, can you collect rain water?
It hardly rains here it is summer so we don't get much rain in Texas but yes I have been on their website

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By evenwind
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If you can handle the price, I suggest either the 10-cup or 12-cup ZeroWater pitcher. I've been using a 12-cup since I started with CPs. Just be careful to regularly check the filter output water with the included TDS meter. Once the filter reaches it's end of life, it starts to release all the held ions back into the water and you wind up with a higher PPM than you started with.
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