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By theflytrapman
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Joined:  Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:20 pm
Hi All,

I recently bought VFT seeds for the first time from a reputable source and planted them in Coir Soil around 3 weeks ago. I have been watering with collected rainwater whenever the soil starts to get dry and I have left it in a mix of a South facing window and a North facing window as I had to move it for a week while that window was being fixed. I have done a decent amount of research before planting but I obviously have no actual experience. The seeds do not seem to have germinated yet however there are many clumps of green moss all over the top of the soil now. A lot of the advice online says to re-pot but I assume that that is for a full-grown plant and I can barely find the seeds anyways as I put them just under the soil. I looked online for fungicide advice. Does anyone else here have better advice or experience they could share with me on this matter. I'm worried I've ruined the seeds and they won't germinate at all now. How can I save them.

Thank you.

TLDR: Planted VFT seeds and 3 weeks later there is green mould and no sign of germination. Help!
By uxleumas
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errrrrr..... there are a few things that are different when planting vft (venus flytrap if you didn't know) seeds. first, only use peat, sphagnum, perlite, that other stone that i forgot but it's like dense perlite, or coir soil if you wash it really well with DISTILLED water. never fertilize them unless it's by feeding the plant live bugs(dead bugs also work but make sure to stilulate the hairs even after it's closed to make sure it will seal.) you should also never bury the seeds but you can sprinkle a tiny bit of peat/potting mix on top as long as you can still see the seeds clearly. make sure you got real seeds and not fakes from amazon/ebay. use neem oil or the fungicide 3 in 1 thing i forgot the name again. increase air flow and light and that may help
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By theflytrapman
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Joined:  Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:20 pm
Thank you so much I will take this advice and try save the lil seeds. I didn't fully bury them only pushed them into the soil a little but they are still a struggle to see. I will try the neem oil/fungicide to protect the soil and try keep it in a sunny window.

Thank you so much for the help :)
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By _-SphagnumFromHell-_
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A picture would help to see what kind of moss. Usually green algae or moss shouldn't be a problem unless they start to overtake the seeds.

Also you might want to check the coir. Some coir can have a lot of minerals in it and that can harm your seedlings. You can get a tds meter and measure water that has been drained through the soil. If it's significantly less than 100 ppm, it should be fine.
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