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By BlueShark
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Hey all! A couple weeks back, I asked a question on here about wether or not the large size of my pot would bring my new fly trap complications. I was told I was fine and that everything looked great, and the only advice I got was to maybe get some more plants to fill the pot. Fast forward to today, and my trap is looking healthy and happy! Not only that, but today I was also gifted a new trap from a friend. It was from walmart so it isnt exactly in the best conditions, but i’m obviously still gonna help it out. I took it out of its plastic box thing, rinsed the dirt away with distilled water and planted it in the pot where my current trap was located. So, I have a couple questions. 1. What do you guys think of the placement? Is it too close? Or is that placement fine?
2. I’ve noticed that its very, very red. Is that because its another type of species, or is it damaged in some form? And if it is a different species, does it need different care? Or will my current care routine for my trap be just fine?
3. Hows everything looking so far?
Looking forward to all your replies! :) (New plant is the one too the left. Sorry if the pic isn’t too great but everytime I get a good pic it says “file too large”)
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By ChefDean
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1) Placement is fine, no worries.
2) All Flytraps are the same species, there are just differences in genetics.
3) Looks great. Keep it moist, good light, and as much tender loving care as you want to give. It will likely survive, and thrive, and you will be one happy green baby parent.
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