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Hello, It's Summer!

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:20 am
by Carolyn
I apologize for not being here lately, even though I promised I would be around here during Summer, but that hasn't been working out. I have summer homework, I'm suppose to read and annotate two 500 paged books, and find 20 quotes for them. (This is my fault for taking honors.) But I hope to be on more. Sadly, I won't be on at all for the remaining week, because I'm going to Sacramento for family time. I'm also heading over there to go to California Carnivores. I'm very eager to see Peter D'Amato, and Eric is planning on buying a whole bunch of new plants, as long as our parents let. If I had been going on the 30th, I could have met Matt. :) But I can't change my plans. >___< I'll be on more later. No promises, but I will be on sooner or later. I'm sorry guys!!!!!