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By veek
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Joined:  Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:18 pm

Today I started dividing my VFT's. I got some great clones available. P&P can be in a bubble wrap envelop or in a box. It depends on the order.

Here are the available plants:

Angelwings M/L 20€

Charly Mandon Spotted L 10€ M 8€ S 6€ XS 3€

Mirror (not all of them forming special leaves but they will ) L 7€ M 5€

Trichterfalle L 6€ M 4€ S 3€

Raptor M 15€ S 12€

Alien S 10€

Degeneration L 8€ M 6€ S 4€ XS 2€

Dentata M 4€ S 3€

Giant form x Piranha L 5€ M 4€ S 3€

Tiger Fang L 5€ M 4€

Crested Petioles M 4€ S 3€

Microdent M 5€ S 4€

Flat spotted L 6€ M 5€ S 3€ XS 2€

Dingley’s Giant L 5€ M 4€

Bristle Tooth L 5€ M 4€ S 3€

Cerberus S 15€ XS 10€

Bimbo L 6€ M 5€ S 4€

Schuppenstiel 2 M 5€

Sandokan M 5€

Clone Z11 BCP L 6€

Clone H25 BCP M 5€

Chunky L 5€ S 3€

B52 L 5€ M 4€

Giant Peach L 5€ M 4€ S 3€

Fused Tooth L 5€ M 4€

Fused Tooth Extreme S 3€

Clone I3 BCP L 5€ M 4€

All Green L 5€ M 4€

Plantev Hybrid A aka “Prickly Pear” L 5€ M 4€ S 3€

Shark Teeth M 4€ S 3€

G16 L 5€ M 4€ S 3€

These still need to be divided but I’ll have them spare for sure. Prices are L 5€ M 4€ S 3€:

Cluster Trap

Feel free to contact me whenever you got questions.
You'd like to swap VFT's that is also possible off course. Contact me at veeker(at) or through PM but email gets priority.


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