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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By RL7836
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******** Closed ********
I am interested in acquiring a division of H. pulchella - Amuri Tepui.

From recent divisions, I currently have spares of the following to offer in trade:

- H. minor
- H. minor 'Red' (Wistuba)
- H. nutans (Wei tepui)
- H. pulchella (Akopan Tepui - EP clone)
- H. minor (Auyan Tepui - BCP) (possibly)
- H. "Tequila"

... as well as non-Heli:

- N. eymae (~14" diameter with 6-7" pitchers)
- Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant'
- Cephalotus - seedgrown from 'Hummer's Giant' seed
- D. prolifera
- D. x hybrida
- D. graomogolensis
- U. reniformis f. courte
- U. humboldtii
- U. nelumbifolia
- U. endresii x alpina
- U. pubescens (Serra Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
- U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay'

I may also consider offering a division of one of my Sarracenia (make a request)

If interested, please send an email to:


- name
- forum name
- information on the plant you are offering to trade

In addition:
- while I will consider trades for other plants (like the regularly updated ones on my growlist), I am mostly looking for the Amuri Tepui location of H. pulchella. Other offers will be considered more seriously in a month or two ... ;) :?
- specific plant pics available by request (general pics in growlist)
- plants are not for sale
- this is not on a 1st come basis - no need to rush
- I will wait for reasonable weather before shipping
- plant will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.
- while I will attempt to respond in a timely manner, I may not succeed
- USA only

- Thanks for playing
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By bombsboy
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quite nice and rare plants for trade. i dont have any Helis sorry. :( good luck!
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