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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By dantt99
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Here is the thread continued.
bananaman wrote:I have a plenty of Drosera spatulata.

I could start a cutting for you.

I'd give them to you for free

I want to help new growers expand their collection

PM me!!!
dantt99 wrote:Yay you fixed your spelling of 'spatulata' from 'splatulata'

Oh and about the cuttings, what about shipping?
Doomsday wrote:THanks bananaman! That would be amazing! And dantt i would be willing to pay for shipping. Just tell me the prices before anythnig is confirmed so i can make sure i can pay for it. YLOL Splatulata
dantt99 wrote:Actually I was talking about bananaman's cuttings Sorry for the confusion
bananaman wrote:Id cover shipping myself
doomsday wrote:No i know. Im just saying in general so anyone who reads this will know.
dantt99 wrote:Very generous! Put me down for one bananaman! You can tell me when they're ready to be shipped. I'll make sure to get you my address when you need it
bananaman wrote:OK!
blackwelder wrote:same here!
dantt99 wrote:Bananaman, I sent you my address via PM. When do you plan to ship it?
bananaman wrote:I am going to ship it tomorrow because today is MLK day.
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