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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Hello friends. I have had several people contact me concerning shipping outside the United States. Here's what I can do:

Shipping internationally for your currency. Accepting any major currency. Unfortunately, cash only accepted. If you can't send cash to the United States in a secure way, this offer is not for you.

All varieties going for an equivalent of $1 USD each. Shipping + handling 7 USDs, option 1. Package should arrive in 1-2 weeks. Option 2, the slow way. Shipping and handling $ 5. Trades not accepted. I cannot import seed :( . Non-biological trade Items accepted, however.

Seed list:

D. binata var. dichotoma--great and super hardy sundew.
D. Capensis--plant has a red streak on underside of leaves in bright light. Really nice!
D. Capensis ‘alba’
D. Capensis ‘Broadleaf’
D. Spathulata “pink flower”
D. Filliformis sp. Filliformis ‘FL Red’
D. Indica ‘Pale Pink Flower’--Strongest sundew I have ever seen. Seed available in bulk! (PM me about bulk)
D. Venusta--very nice African sundew
D. Natalensis
D. Dielsiana
D. Burmanii
D. Intermedia “northern”
D. Intermedia ‘Cuba’

S. Leucophylla
S. Alata--Greene co. Mississippi

u. subulata

Sar seeds 30+ per pack. Sundew seed 50-200 per pack. Utric seed, ~100 per pack.

All FRESH from this SUMMER!

Thank you!

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