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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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These are the last batch of plants i have for sale. I have no room for them in my new House

N. Mirabilis "pink blush". Sg...... Seedling $5. Sold

N. Ventricosa x Maxima. $10. Sold

Two and a half foot ( sg) gracilis in spike now. ....Male $15 sold

three and a half foot khasiana with three basals....$50 + 15 shipping sold

N. Song of Meloncally. $20

N. Mystery nep (unknown) hitchchiker seedling from some Live Sphagnum from Sam Estes. $10

N. Reinwardtiana green (sg) $15 sold

N. Mauna Loa (LG). $ 50. 15 shipping

N. Vent- red x lowii x vent. $15 (sold)
N. Hirsuta x raff x thorelii x max. $25

N. Spath x aristo x lowii x vent. $20

n. Mirabilis winged x mirabilis x chelsonii x raff var. Alata $35

Thanks for looking Daren
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