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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Alright here is a short list of things i have i would be willing to trade for various CP's and what have you. Right now my list of wants for CP's is pretty large, i have a small collection. but i am the most interested in cephs and pings. but am willing to consider anything if your interested in something i have.

I have 4 Agave Americana i would be willing to trade either just the plants or the whole pot and setup. (which would be pretty expensive to ship, would have to disassemble the whole thing and ship it that way)


I also have a young Celeste fig i can make two cuttings from. if you havent seen how amazing fig trees can be i would suggest you google it. they are truly amazing fruit trees. not to mention tasty. Celeste is a cultivar that is very sweet, it has a closed eye that helps it resist infection and bugs. it fruits off of new growth primarily (though it is known to occasionally have a crop fruit off of old growth, this is called a breba crop) and develops a beautiful purplish fruit with strawberry colored flesh.
if you arent familiar with figs and are interested in learning this site should give you a good start:


I also grow my own hops for home brewing. i dont know how many of you get into that but i have a decent crop of Cascade hops and would be willing to part with some of them (dried and vacuum sealed of course). they should be about 4.0% to 5.0% AAU. i dont have them tested since they are for personal use and its expensive to do. but they have a crisp citrus aroma and the lupulin glands look great. i tried to take a picture of them up close, but my camera wouldnt cooperate. so here is the fresh crop on the vine.

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By Matt
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Nice looking hops RLK! If I did my own brewing, I'd jump on this offer :)
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Yeah this is my first crop off of these 3 Cascade rhizomes. they did amazing for a first year. I am particularly proud of my system for growing them.


think: a flag pole where the "X" of 2x10 at the top that holds the hop twine is able to be raised or lowered like a flag. this way i can lower the hops and harvest mature cones and raise the plant right back up.

if anyone is interested in growing their own hops i would gladly give and illustrated diagram of how i made this particular tent pole trellis system. although if you put your hops in your front yard like i did (along with my raised bed vegi garden which you can see off to the left) your neighbors might not appreciate it.

luckily for them i designed the whole thing so it can be completely disassembled during the winter when the hops go dormant.. all that will be left will be about 1' of metal fencepost in that raised planter.

also i am willing to share any advice on the best way to raise these amazing vines.

By Myhumminbird
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Hi Rlk, I was more interested in some cp's, so if you send me a nice vft, or order me some seeds from the store here, I will send you a succulent surprise box. I have some other kinda neat succulents besides the starfish flower. I also have a small starfish flower that is a different species I think I can get a piece of. PM me your info if you would like to trade that way. TIA Myhumminbird
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Im really looking into brewing myself. That hops looks really awesome! I think after VFT's, beer is my next passion... Or maybe its the other way around.
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