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By Matt
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bombsboy wrote:the best time to ship things is durring winder dormancy or early spring... right?
I think early spring is the best time of year for a few reasons. But I've never had any trouble with flytraps I've received during the summer months. Perhaps other species would be more sensitive to shipping during those months.
By afh928
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I think it was just a fluke man, honestly. I think maybe 1) a larger box and 2) less wetness and they would have been fine. Who knows, could have been anything. We seem to like to think that CP's are nearly impervious if given the proper care, but on occasion, things just die. For no apparent reason. Its a bummer, but its true lol. :mrgreen:
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Not to mention that USPS probably dropped the box outside the post office in SD for a least that's what the tracking seems to suggest :D

The plants would have had time to fry...
By afh928
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Thats what i mean man, it was probably a fluke, and probably wouldnt happen again, at least not twice in a row.
By eou812
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