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By kayaker78
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Hi I am looking for Utrics that are not on my current grow list, right now I am focusing primarily on terrestrial species.

Grow List -
U. adpressa *
U. amethystina – Lilac Flower
U. biloba - Moolooaba, AU *
U. bisquamata – “Betty’s Bay”
U. blanchetii - pink?

Utricularia calycifida
• Utricularia calycifida - pink flower
• Utricularia calycifida - ‘Asenath Waite’ *
• Utricularia calycifida - 'Cthulu' *
• Utricularia calycifida - 'Lavenia Whateley' *
• Utricularia calycifida - ‘Yog-Sothoth’
• Utricularia calycifida – ‘Mrs. Marsh’

U. dichotoma – Tasmania
U. fulva *
U. graminifolia
U. graminifolia – Blue Flower *
U. heterosepala *
U. lateriflora - Tasmania *
U. Laxa *

Utricularia livida
• Utricularia livida – Blue Flower - Durban, SA
• Utricularia livida – Lemon Flower - Zambia
• Utricularia livida – Rwanda
• Utricularia livida – Broad flower - Mexico
• Utricularia livida – Merriwuk, Natal, SA
• Utricularia livida – Zimbabwe

U. longifolia
U. nephrophylla – White Flower *
U. paulineae – Clone 1 *
U. praelonga
U. prehensilis *
U. pubescens *
U. rostrata
U. sandersonii
U. sandersonii - Blue Flower
U. tricolor
U. troupinii *
U. uliginosa – Malaysia
U. uniflora
U. warburgii
U. welwitschii *
U. sp. Hermanus
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