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By Nepenthes0260
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I recently divided my XXL Den. kingianum and have a ton of keikis left over. This is a super easy orchid. Basically all you need to know to make it happy is:
In the summer, water it a little less than a nep
In the winter, barely water it
In the summer, fertilize it regularly (weekly) with a diluted balanced formula
In the winter, barley fertilize it at all
Provide it with bright, INDIRECT light.

If you follow all of those care tips, your plant will bloom in the winter.

First person who PMs me with their shipping address and pays the $10 for shipping wins about 50 bare-root pseudobulbs.
I will close the tread when the winner has paid.
They will be shipped bare-root.

I strongly suggest your shipping address is warm (above freezing), because, while these orchids can get down to pretty cold temps, they will die if it freezes.

This is the purple variety of Dendrobium kingianum
Den. kingianum
Den. kingianum
IMG_0625.JPG (3.56 MiB) Viewed 281 times
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