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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Konjac is a smaller member of the A. titanium family (carrion flower). It grows up to about 10' in height, but that is only on mature plants. In spring, it sends up a single, phallus shaped stem, that when the plant is old enough, produces a bad smelling flower that lasts only a day or two smelling. However this occurs only after several years of growing. Once it flowers, it does not flower again for several years. During the years that it does not flower, it sends up a similar single stem that opens into umbrella shaped foliage. It can be grown outside in areas that don't have hard freezes. Dormant during the winter and can easily be grown in pots that you bring in and store in cool temps. Propagation is via tubers. It is an unusual, but attractive plant.

Would like to trade for Amorphophalus bulbifer or Pinguicula, will consider other things as well or sale.
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