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By sbrooks
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I am offering these custom made Venus Flytrap t-shirts for sale, the image made from a flytrap in my collection.

Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirts.

$12 for youth (sizes S-M-L-XL), $13 for adult (sizes S-M-L-XL), $4 shipping.

Every t-shirt purchase will also receive 20 Venus Flytrap seeds as a bonus. They were harvested from many giant cultivars (including B52, A2, Low Giant, SD Draco, SD Kronos, G17, G16, Pinnacle, Akai Ryu, La Grosse a Gui Gui, Jaws, BCP Giant, WIP Snapper, WIP Big Red Snapper, WIP Slim Snapper, WIP Long Snapper, Big Mouth, Ginormous, FTS Lunatic Fringe, El Gecko's Large Traps, Fused Tooth, Switzerland Giant, Carolina Red Traps, Grun, U.K. Sawtooth #2, Southwest Giant, DC XL, FTS Maroon Monster, King Henry, Vigorous, Orange Traps, and some giant typicals) in June/July of this year, and have been stored in the fridge for freshness.

PM me if interested. Thank you. :mrgreen:

flytrap shirt 1.jpg
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