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By Matt
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DTDream18 wrote:I purchased two B52's from David Conner and they're both excellent healthy
specemins. I couldn't be happier !
David has nice plants and you're definitely going to get the real deal from him. But Steve has some B52s that he's going to put up for sale soon and I can guarantee that they'll be larger than anything you'll get from other retailers including David. Steve has a magic touch when it comes to growing Dionaea and he has the largest plants I've ever seen. I'm definitely learning a lot from him and my plants this season are in far better shape than they've ever been due to the knowledge I've gained from Steve.
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By Steve_D
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Thanks Matt for the nice words. :oops: :)

Right now most of my nice big-boy B52s are doing duty at producing Dionaea seed for this year, so our stock of Venus Flytrap seed at will have a substantial amount of B52 genetics in it! :-)

But after the seeding is done, these B52s will go on sale, either at or on Ebay. When Matt's and my inventory of available plants doesn't match in some way, we sometimes sell the "odd" plants (the ones that only Matt or I have in stock) at Ebay. Our ebay username is flytrapstore.

Best wishes--
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