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By xanthoparmelia
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10/7/2019 Update: I have some new plantlets available for trade. Mainly looking for any Genlisea and U. Pubescens. I've also decided that I want to take a stab at helis.

I have other varieties available that are just a little smaller. Check my grow list and inquire. Other plants for trade are small divisions or seedling size. Prefer to trade at least 3 plants. If there are any other plants on my grow list you're interested in, just ask and I'll check on availability. Below is just what I have readily available off the top of my head.


D.m. 'B-52'
P. x Gigantea x Moranensis
P. x Moranensis x Ehlersiae
P. Gigantea
P. x Aphrodite
P. Primuliflora
P. Moranensis A
P. x Florian
P. Cyclosecta
P. Ehlersiae

P. Martinezii
P. x Weser x Agnata
P. x John Rizzi False
S. Areolata (pictured below)
S. Moorei Red (pictured below)
S. Purpurea Venosa, Tattnall Co, GA.
S. Saurus x Adrian Slack (Sm/Med)
S. Rubra Gulfensis
D. Admirabilis
D. Binata T-form
D. Capensis "Big Pink"
D. Capensis
D. Collinsiae
D. Intermedia (Temperate)
D. Multifida Extrema
D. Natalensis
D. Tracyi
D. Filiformis Florida Red
D. x "Tom Turpin"
D. Filiformis 'Dreamsicle'

D. x 'Hercules'
D. Venusta
D. Nidiformis
D. Rotundifolia
D. Spatulata Tamlin
D. Aliciae


Genlisea - Top priority. Any variety
Utricularia - U. Pubescens and other terrestrial utrics
Heliamphora - Any variety that's good for beginners.

Dionaea Akai Ryu/Red Dragon, or any red variety (mine bit the dust :( )
P. Laueana
P. Kondoi Giant
P. Debbertiana
P. 'Weser'
P. Vulgaris
Open to any drosera, ping, sarr, utric, or flytrap that I don't have on my grow list
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