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By roey benjamin marcus
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Joined:  Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:56 pm
No, I think you'll take good care of it :) . So, just to make it clear, I reveal the rhizome, gently tug a leaf downwards closest to the white, and then I do all the packaging stuff?
By bombsboy
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Joined:  Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:57 am
so for the VFT you pull out the whole thing and you gently pull downward from the whole leaf. i like to close the trap before i do this. make sure you include the white part (alot of the white part, as much as possible). if you have long fiber sphagnum moss, wrap it in that. next, i would put it in some knd of small, disposable container, such as a plastic cup or foam cup. i would pack that in the box and put newspaper so it wouldnt get damaged.

while you are doing this, i usially would change the potting material.

make sure when repotting, you distribute the roots. i use a 50:50 peat perlite mix. it is a nice airy mix.
message me when you need more help!

thanks in advanced!!!
By CN-
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Joined:  Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:31 pm
You might rewrite your post . as i have tried many many times to do leaf cuttings with Neps ......... Doesnt work Unless You take some Vines with it an that means cutting your plant up . Now unless you are all ready taking Cuttings .
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