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By CarnivorousChick
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Joined:  Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:57 pm
Hey my carnivorous plant lovers!
I'm on the hunt for various varieties of VFT seeds. I already have had some luck growing the 'Typical' kind from the Seed Bank... But I am looking for more than they have available at this time.
If anyone has any cool or crazy interesting cultivars of this favorite CP of mine... Please PM me and let me know.
I can't afford alot right now... But xan send SASE or possible trade of some OP Sarracenia seeds. I may even have some different forms of some temperate Drosera hidden away in my seed stash in the fridge.

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By riveraXVX
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just to make sure you aware taking cultivar seeds will not yield the cultivar even crossed with self (with few exceptions)

its fine to want certain crosses to see what the babies look like but technically they'd just be typicals with known clones for parents

that being said, we've bought a few specific crosses from folks its the right time of year to keep an eye out coming up! if things you already are aware of and no apologies I try to point it out also for others that might read along and go "oh this cultivar costs too much I'll just get seeds from it instead" thinking they will be getting the same cultivar back out of it

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